Session 21

Did better setup on the fretless bass tonight. I got it intonated correctly, which is a hell of a lot easier when there's no frets. Half the intonation comes from just putting your finger in the right place. The adjustment of the bridge then is just getting it close enough for consistent accuracy. Aftter that I got the height good, and on a fretless higher action helps the strings sustain more. I think I've got it balanced right between where it has good sustain and not too hard to play. Pickups are a adjusted well, and then I got to play it for about 15 minutes and recorded it. This is better recording and I had a metronome on so it should be a bit better rhythm. Also, I figured out you put your finger slightly behind the line, not directly on it, which is probably obvious if you think about it. Listen to the OGG: 1320742474.000000.ogg.