Memories of Old Reno, Pass 2

Continuing my exploration of painting a large painting from memory (story so far here) I worked on the painting I’m calling “Memories of Old Reno” again tonight. This time my goal was to refine the edges, get more parts of the painting accurate, and continue to do it from memory. This time I spent less time studying the painting from the projection and would instead study for about a minute, but only a small piece, then go in the other room to correct that piece. I would say I spent about 85% of my time painting and the rest studying in the other room.

Here’s the results after tonight:

Memories of Old Reno, Round 2

For reference here is Pass 1:

Monochrome Block-in For Old Reno Painting

The only thing is I think I screwed up by using a bit of thinner to get the paint less stiff in some parts. I’m not sure what that will do given I’m using an alkyd based paint, but the warning is that this causes cracking. I guess I’ll find out in about six months. The first pass was completely dry though, so hopefully it’s not a big deal.

Incidentally, if you want to see another weird project I did for Christmas check out Alexandré Phoqué, Artisté. I managed to convince a few people on a mailing list I hang out on to let me make horrible weird portraits of their loved ones as white elephant Christmas presents. It was a lot of fun, so I will plan on doing many more of those in the near future.

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