ZFACTs Jan 15, 2015

I spend my mornings finding interesting news links, quirky stuff, and just generally things that people might get a kick out of that day. Usually I just post them to twitter and everyone has a laugh, but lately I’ve been noticing that the things I find end up on Hacker News right away. I started wondering, what if I just make my own replacement front page for Hacker News and then have my own comments and turn off everyone else’s stupid comments?

So I’m going to experiment with a daily post called “Zed Found A Cool Thing” or ZFACTs. I’ll gather them up, say something funny about them, put them in here, and then post this one post to twitter. Let’s see if people like what I find.

The US Government Was On Silk Road For Over A Year Look idiots, if you’re going to do something illegal don’t become famous and do Op-Eds in Forbes. Check out the rundown of this federal agent about it too.

This Is What Happens When Vintage Robot Voices Make an Album an album using some of the retro robot voices that have been coming out recently. Great writeup on it too.

Interview With Laurie Spiegel At Bell Labs. She pioneered a lot of computer music technology and apparently worked at Bell doing it, which I didn’t know.

Mike Stern and Eric Johnson did an album together. I can see your mom. She’s 55. She’s in her kitchen making you a sandwich. It brings a tear to your eyes. Or, maybe it’s just the crazy amount of cheesy effects on this song. It sounds like a reggae band is making side money doing elevator music.

Mmmmm Old Guitars. That Guild guitar looks very tasty.

Soylent Raises Money. Apparently VCs also hate food.

Gov Jerry Brown To Halve Arts Funding because that’s what a Democrat does. He cuts arts in half and then moves the money over to pay for the crazy number of government employees that California has so that they’ll keep voting for Jerry Brown.

Top 10 Design Flaws in the USS Enterprise I normally hate stupid top 10 link bait bullshit, but my love of Star Trek made me read this.

Thailand planning to legally recognize a third gender.

San Francisco To Deal With It’s Shit Epidemic the best part of the article is the shit map of San Francisco:

So. Much. Brown.

Doctor Popular handing out his ‘God Hates Dinosaurs’ comic. This is a pretty great stunt. I love it.

Is ‘SimCity’ Homelessness a Bug or a Feature? I don’t play SimCity, but this two volume book on how people talk about homelessness in SimCity sounds fascinating. I would like to see this wrapped back to find out if there was a cognitive dissonance between the poster’s actual political views and how they dealt with the homeless in SimCity. Were there a bunch of supposedly liberal players who didn’t realize what they were saying? Was there a correlation at all? Very fascinating.

Burning Man Tickets are $800. If you ever wanted an example of political cognitive dissonance, then a festival full of wannabe hippies practicing communism after paying $800 and driving gas guzzling cars to a remote part of the desert to destroy it for 5 days is pretty much the best one. But hey, I can’t complain because they all leave San Francisco.

Apparently Buzzfeed Thinks Ai Weiwei is on the CIA payroll. To be honest, the CIA funded abstract art during the cold war so I can see them funding this and a bunch of other art.

Finally, the hair styles of David Bowie over the years by Helen Green:

Have a good one people.