ZFACTs Jan 16, 2015

Today’s Zed Found A Cool Thing for you. To find out what this is read the the one from yesterday.

University Paris 8 Switches To Krita which I had not heard of but looks really promising. I’ve been thinking of a simple painting application I wanted to write that only had a few tools. I’m curious what Krita is like as the description seems similar to what I want. I’ll report more later.

Reddit’s Daily Programmer is great if you are learning to code and want progressively difficult challenges to attempt. People do them in any language, and different days of the week have different difficulties. People also post their solutions so you can go read what someone else did to solve a problem. If you’re a professional, then you could use this to learn a new language or try using some weird esoteric language you’re using like Haskell.

Plogue has Chipspeech a speech synthesizer for Mac & Windows, for those of you who liked yesterday’s album of robot voice music.

Photos of the Beagle2 probe on Mars which probably crashed because it knew the UK was going to ban crypto and it didn’t want Cameron to watch it jerking off.

Google/Apple Wage Theft Class Action might settle for $415m instead of the projected $3 billion actual damages. The lawyers seem to be trying to settle this ridiculously fast and are weirdly not interested in the huge amount of money they’d make. The case is clearly winnable given that these companies were already smacked hard by the government and there’s a mountain of smoking gun emails. If I wanted to get sued by lawyers I’d say there was fraud involved, but I’m not saying that so don’t sue me lawyers.

FlexWaves EQ7 looks bad ass. It’s a programmable EQ pedal so you can set presets and switch through them. This is one of my biggest complaints about EQ pedals. If I have to jiggle sliders to change the EQ then it just doesn’t work for me. I don’t use one all the time so being able to program it would make the EQ more useful.

Today’s “Hot Girls, Weird Places” art, with more trees. What the absolute fuck is wrong with photographers today? I think I run into some form of this at least twice a week and it’s always naked girls in weird poses in trees. It’s definitely a case of these artists thinking they’re on to something and all hoping they’ll be the next Andy Warhol Of Girls In Trees or some shit.

Kickstarter To Get Your Name Tattooed On A Random Girl “Artist” Illma Gore will tattoo a word or your name on her body for a small sum of money. She racked up about $11k before it was shut down, but when you’re crazy, you’ll find a way to keep being crazy. Stay tuned for round two on this.

A Review of the Uncalendar by An Artist Not a bad review of this strange day planner (link to it). I may get one and see what it’s like. Personally my organizer of choice is a pile of index cards and a pen, but like any geek I like checking out fancier todo lists, and this looks super fancy.

Summary of how the wealthy use art to dodge taxes. It’s based on a New York Times article but talks about how the Brant Foundation might specifically be a tax scam. Mostly because it’s barely open, nobody knows where it is, and seems to be more of a private museum. Collectors can then simply “give” the Brants their painting and call it a donation when really it’s not.

Mining of Massive Data Sets is a book on doing big data analysis and mining.

That’s it for today.