ZFACTs Jan 18, 2015

Today’s edition of Zed Found A Cool Thing has lots of wearable computing being used as alternative interfaces, star wars news, 17th century Superman, and naked girls in trees. Enjoy!

Why Perl Didn’t Win I don’t buy most of this. Perl didn’t win because it grew a culture of people creating Write-Only-Code that only worked for them and even then the original author would forget how it worked a few months later. I used to write Perl and this was always the case. I think they realized this too late so now you see less of it, but the perception of low quality is what killed Perl.

EgoPay, Another Bitcoin Processor Bites The Dust Surprise surprise! Looks like the founders of EgoPay ran off with millions of customers money. I still say the Bitcoin community needs to establish a security review non-profit to counteract the perception that it’s just for Ayn Rand fans to steal money and trade drugs. If they don’t they’ll end up like Perl.

Minh Nguyen Shot His Ex-Wife’s Husband This is a weird story, and I don’t know Minh at all, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that there’s possibility there’s more to this story. If I were to think of a reason why I’d shoot a guy who lives with my kids, it’s because he’s abusing them somehow. Just a wild guess here.

Daniel Lanois Tiny Desk Concert Interesting idea where he kind of does live studio production, also sounds great.

Enter The Dangerous Mind A psychological thriller about a DJ and a social worker. I guess he plays some Dubstep for her and she kills him for it? Haven’t seen it though.

Controlling Ableton With Oculus Rift and Pensato Oh my. I had actually not thought of this. Using VR to control music? This is the future my friends. Also can you imagine messing with the DJ because he can’t see you at the club? “Where’s my fucking drink?!”

Netflix Alters Streaming Protocols To Prevent Caching I’m solidly for net neutrality and an open internet, but this guy criticizing Netflix has a point. If Netflix wants an open internet, then why are they subverting open protocols?

Star Wars vs. The Drones Read this little thing about Mark Hamill in the new Star Wars and at the bottom you’ll see they were worried about drones flying overhead to catch shots. Crazy.

17th Century Super Heroes Famous super heroes and heroines done in 17th century style paintings.

Google Glass Failed I have a whole blog post about how Google could have simply studied some old research by Dr. Steve Mann, the literal father of wearable computing who actually wore these very things for about a decade before Google tried to do this. He showed that people have the exact reactions to wearables that Google Glass explorers experienced, and predicted nearly every other problem Google encountered. Simply reading some of his papers could have told them how to mitigate the problems, but nope, they’re too smart for that.

Pydio A nice looking file sharing open source server written in Python.

The Bikes Of San Francisco Click to view the image since I don’t know who the original author is and I don’t want to steal their work. If anyone knows who, let me know and I’ll update with proper attribution.

Stop Animation With The Nintendo Power Glove This is some great ideas. He’s a stop animation artist who uses a Nintendo Power Glove to control the cameras he has to work with all day. Lovely hacking to improve art efficiency.

Hardened Yes Improving the security of the yes program by having it return no. Love it, and fully agree this command line tool needs a security refresh.

Today’s Hot Girls, Weird Places Art Warning, features vaginas buried in dirt, but this is a lovely sample of one of the dumbest trends in photography yet. It’s got the hot girls. Nudity. Bizarre poses. And trees. Enjoy!

Oscar Murillo Is Kind Of Awesome He got instagrammers to come and stop on and wear a bunch of his painting canvases. I love it. Definitely a change from all the painters who’s art is too precious.

Here’s a photo I took last night.

Reflection In A Coffee Cup