Jar of Mangoes Day 1

I’m using a claybord on this painting since I have become very familiar with drawing on one after my Saint Anger cast drawing. I’ve wanted to try doing an initial drawing in pencil on claybord, then do multiple layers on it to build a painting.  First the quick drawing just to get basic shapes:

One thing about pencil is as the paint dries it become more transparent so you can have some pencil show through later. I’m curious if that applies to claybord which is so absorbant. After that I did a quick open grissaille:

I’m pretty sure the background is going to be too dark but I’m going with it for now. The paint dries almost immediately so I then went to the first layer of color, starting with the lightest light shapes:

Normally you start with the darkest parts, but I wanted to get the value range mostly figured out minus the highlights from reflections in the plastic. Once I had that I went dark to light:

Then made the background more solid:

Yep, that’s going to be really dark. Oh well, I either alter it or put something up there to fake a reflection. After that just a matter of finishing the dark shapes:

I’ll let this dry today so that this first layer seals the clayboard and then I’ll refine it tomorrow.

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