Trade Design Coaching for Code Coaching

I’ve been training in the arts for almost 3 years now and I’m recently interested in applying these skills to learning graphic design. I’m already not too bad at drawing and painting, and I’m able to paint in a variety of digital painting software. With this in mind, I would like to propose a trade. I would like to trade programming coaching for design coaching.

I propose that I meet up with a designer who really wants to learn to code at least 1-2 times a week, and I spend one hour coaching you through programming problems and training. I’ll give you copies of my books, talk with you on IM and email, check out your code, and meet you in person to help you through it. I make bad ass coders, but you’d have to be ready to work and really try. Every day. I’ll feed you books, online classes, and anything else to get you to trained.

What I want is the same for you but with design. You’d tell me what books to buy (or just give me your hand-me-downs), and I’d work through them, do designs, websites, packaging, whatever it takes. You then critique them and tell me how to improve it, and what to read next to understand what you’re teaching. My goals is to finally be able to do my own designs and also to understand how design is taught.

I will warn you that I have a pretty strong opinion that most designers can’t draw for shit, don’t know a damn thing about the basics of color, and most of the “science” of design is complete bullshit mythology. I’m really good at being open minded when I’m a student and forgetting what I know, so don’t worry that I’ll be ungrateful or not do what you say I need to do. However, I may press you on things you claim but can’t back up. In a way it might be a good way for you to find out if what you know is legit or not.

Think of this as a research project. I’d love for a designer who has a similar opinion about programming. I can definitely tell you all of the bullshit surface area and tricks of the trade that programmers use, and I welcome a designer who’s able to look at programming as an intelligent outsider. If you’re up to the challenge, then this could be a good collaboration between two experts.

If you’re interested and can meet the time requirements, then please email me at with a link to your portfolio and tell me about your education. For my qualifications I wrote this book, this book, and soon this book will be published as well. I can also give you personal references of people I’ve taught so you can check me out and confirm that I’m not a creepy weirdo (ok, just not creepy, I am kind of a weirdo).

Thank you for your time.