Dead Projects

In an effort to reduce my cognitive load I’ve started killing off projects and redirecting them here. If you’ve reached this page then the project may be listed here and you can find out why I killed it.


I originally started SpeakerBio to solve the problem of conferences constantly asking me for my bio, but shortly after I just decided to stop speaking at conferences instead. No point working on this project anymore, but if someone else wants to take it over I’ll give it to them.

Originally it was a small project to get me off Udemy after they screwed me over and were selling my course for $9 instead of $29 to boost their user base at my expense. Eventually I found out that nobody used any of the features except the buying and downloading, so I just killed it and wrote instead. That site now does everything I need and runs way better. and

I ran these websites to write essays about technology and how bad it sucked or what I liked. The final essay was the start of Programming, Motherfucker and I considered that the pique of the project. I’ve been moving most of the better essays from there to here since then.

2 thoughts on “Dead Projects

  1. Hi,

    I bought learn c the hard way through and was under the impression I would get free updates on the book. I just saw that you finished the book and that it is due for print. What happens to the old inculcate users? Do we still get a PDF of the finished book? How do I claim it?

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