Finished My Saint Anger Cast Drawing!

I finally finished my cast drawing of Saint Anger:

This took me months and months to finish. All meticulously rendered by hand in pencil on claybord. Here’s the comparison with the actual cast:

The perspective between the two isn’t exactly the same but you can see what I was trying to achieve. Finally, the last photo of it before going home:

I name my cast drawings after metal albums because without metal I would go insane doing this meticulous rendering.

My next step is to do copies of plates from Charles Bargue’s book, cast paintings, and master copies.

But fuck this pencil shit. Life’s too short.

Second Cast Drawing Nearly Complete

I have been working on a cast drawing of this old man, who I think is a Saint so I call him Saint Anger because I listened to mostly Metalica while I worked on it. This drawing is done in pencil on Ampersand clay board.  Here’s the progress of it that I’ve saved to my phone so far, from earliest to now.