I am Zed A. Shaw and I write for fun and profit.  I am the author of Learn Python The Hard Way, Learn Ruby The Hard Way, and many open source projects. I am also a musician and recently an artist, although I don’t really call myself either of those. I tend to hate most technology and most technologists despite being an old school hacker of technology.

I block comments on my writing because I believe you should go say what you think of my words on your own site instead of shitting all over mine.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Zed Shaw,

    I just read your essay on flow. As a scientist who has always been intrigued by art and had many artist friends I have often preoccupied myself with the question of what defines art. I liked your perspective on it. I just wanted to comment on flow (something that my writing lacks). I took a break from studying for a few years to work as a bike messenger in Switzerland, and we bike messengers always talked about our flow, we used that exact term, even in german. When you are moving through heavy traffic at full speed for hours on end, you also find a flow just as you described it. Your mind and body mesh completely as you constantly plan and replan the next move in a rapidly changing environment while pushing physical abilities and also planning the best way to manage all the drop offs and pick ups you have on your docket. It was a surprisingly complex job, and the flow was incredibly satisfying. It was the reason some of those guys continued to do the job until they reached 50, despite the physical and fiscal difficulties. In fact, I have also experienced something similar while doing complex sports such as backcountry skiing and climbing, and would argue, perhaps as you just did, that any sufficiently complex activity can yield a flow like sensation.

    Anyways, cool essay. I enjoyed it.



  2. Zed,

    I would love to read your article on boot camps, but I can only find “The Coming Boot Camp Destruction.” Could you please send me a link to the main article you promise in that one? I am considering doing a boot camp and want to hear what you have to say.


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