Sometimes, It's Fun to Die

The survival crafting video game is my pandemic theme song.

The Most Zed Story About a Knife

A microcosm story that more completely explains who I am than anything else you'll read.

Authoritarianism of Code

An essay on the pervasive internalized authoritarianism found in the programming profession.

The Empathy Gatekeepers of Code

If it's required of me, it's required of Google.

Nim and the SpACE iN tHe le_Xe_mEs

On the style insensitivity of Nim and my unrealized authoritarianism regarding programming.

Tbilisi, to the Bridge of Peace

A memory of painting the Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi.

Energy, Space, and Magic

An exploration of the experience of art.

Goodbye Wordpress

Goodbye Wordpress

The Billionaires vs. BrandonM

The Eagle does not hunt flies.

Photographing Art

An early document on things I've discovered.

What If It Worked?

Programmers are fascist pricks.

The PSF's Next Steps

Official statement on the PSF abuses in 2017.

You Don't Need Talent To Enjoy It

Even a bad day painting is better than any day working.

Painting From Memory Experiment

One of the best things I learned.

Vignettes Of Terrible Art Teachers 2

Even more bad teachers, oh my.

Vignettes of Terrible Art Teachers

You think programmers are bad?

Copying & Repetition

Everyone against rote is wrong.

I Moved to Miami

Once again, ahead of the curve.

The End Of Coder Influence

Fuck you Holden. You're next.

A Day at The SF MOMA

This is the only part of SF I miss.

Practicing Watercolor and Ink

An early study of pen and watercolor.

Taking My Saint Anger Cast Drawing Home

This was a huge accomplishment.

Finished My Saint Anger Cast Drawing!

I really fucking hated doing this drawing.

Plein Air at Willamette River

A nice time in Portland, years ago.

John Singer Sargent Mastercopy #1

A study I did in school.

Second Cast Drawing Nearly Complete

This is where I learned to hate the pencil.

Riot Games is Violating California Employment Law

Did you hear they got sued? Yeah.

My Audition For Silicon Valley Script Writer

Slut shaming of the intellectual male.

Facebook Identity is Extortion and Slander

Now facebook is Nazi garbage.

Educational Mithridatism

Take in the poison in small doses.

Mr. Teflon and the Failed Dream of Meritocracy

Unfireable people negates any merit.

The Defense of The Personal

You have cancer and be a shit painter.

Turd Cookies

Free is no defense against shit.

I Can Kill Any Computer

Just give it to me. I'll break it.

Liberal and Conservative in Painting

A simple theory on art's expression.

Following Painting Videos Digitally

A short description an experiment in learning digital drawing.

Dear Paul

The abusiveness of Hacker News being permanent.

The Dork Distance

Don't let being a dork get in the way of fun.

And Then You Have No Taste

I prefer reality to impossibly optimistic.

Dear Slack

They never did this, did they?

The Failure Of Voyeur Marketing

Can you say Facebook 2020?

Artists And Entrepreneurs Oh My

Everyone wants to be painter without the work.

Admitting Defeat On K&R in LCTHW

Use Rust or Go anyway.

A Consumer Privacy Law

What about that creepy dude reading your DMs?

If It's Flow, It's Art

Viewing the act of art from the experience.

The Coming Code Bootcamp Destruction

A thread I made to a bootcamp that made some changes.

The Day Was March 10, 2013

A recollection of learning to draw