New Blog Coming

I've been working on how I want to redo this website, and the first idea is to have a separate site for my art. I've set that up at and it is an interesting project on its own. You can go see how I use webtorrent and Svelte to create a massive content distribution site for artists. I have a few almost 1G size videos that are hosted there for very low cost.

I'm also redoing the website to become my new teaching model for my courses. This site is in early development, but you can look at how I made the site at my gitea instance for the site. I'm moving away from creating courses for every language and focusing on just JavaScript so I can make a better experience that's has greater breadth than before.

I'll also be doing a bunch of live streaming in 2020. I'm interested in live broadcasts as a format for future content development, and also it just looks fun. Expect to see me streaming on Twitch and Mixer.